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Kind words from supporters:

We are delighted to be working in partnership with The Harwich Kindertransport Memorial and Learning Trust. We believe that by working together we can bring the story of Harwich and the new memorial to a broad range of schools in advance of the memorial being in situ. We hope to raise awareness and interest, and help include schools who may be too geographically distant to visit the site.

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT)

The AJR welcomes the opportunity to promote Harwich Kindertransport Memorial and Learning Trust’s important work … We are pleased to support this important new memorial project, and look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

Association of Jewish Refugees

“Remembering Sir Nicholas Winton – a thank you from the Chadwick family for bringing our refugee foster sister into our lives.”

Ann Chadwick

“I wish you all success for this important project. We must not forget the humanitarian hand of safety extended to the children fleeing tyranny in Europe in the 1930’s.”

Steven Frank

“I was not a Kinder Transportee, but, after 3 years in DP camps, in 1947, my family also boarded a boat in the Hook and landed in Harwich. Freedom! I hope to be there when the Memorial is unveiled.”

Simon Winston

“So happy to support this – my father, aunt and uncle with their parents arrived into Harwich from Slovakia in August 1939.”

 Rob Wise and Leslie Berger

“Had it not been for the Kindertransport many of us would not be here today. My mother and her 4 siblings arrived at Harwich on 26th August 1939, the next to last one to leave Germany before the war.”

Danny Fyne

“This is set to become a beautiful monument to reflect and educate – the artist’s work is quite extraordinary.”

Bridges Impact Foundation

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