Who we are

The Harwich Kindertransport Memorial and Learning Trust Ltd. (a company limited by guarantee)

Vision Statement

We have embarked on a journey to the create a new memorial statue and a supporting educational programme in the town which was the main point of entry for most of the nearly 10,000 children of the Kindertransport between 1938 and 1939. Most were from Jewish families persecuted and terrorised by the Nazis. Many hundreds of them spent their first weeks in this country at the Dovercourt Holiday Camp just two miles from the docks.

This new memorial differs from all the others in two crucial ways: it emphasises Harwich’s maritime role; the children are seen descending from a ship’s gangplank on to dry land. Secondly, visitors to the memorial see that it is part of something much bigger – a whole town engaged in telling the refugee story: a town trail, a garden of reflection, museum exhibits and an education programme will enhance the experience of visiting the artist’s immensely moving memorial figures.

We seek to have Harwich and Dovercourt developed as a heritage and educational hub to attract visitors from schools and communities across the region and beyond.

The links between Kindertransport history and current refugee issues are a crucial part of our vision. The new resources will seek to educate young people in the crucial role played by refugees in this country and the importance of supporting efforts to help those fleeing from war, hunger and persecution to find a place of refuge in Britain.

Harwich is ready once again to play its part. In the 1930s it was a gateway to freedom, now the town is ready to play its part once more.

Honorary Patrons

Lord Herbert Laming

Janet Langdon

Lord John Petre

Sir Erich Reich

Barbara Winton

Board Directors

Mike Levy, Chair

Karen Van Coevorden, Secretary

Michael Payne, Treasurer

David Whittle, Curator, Harwich Museum

Helen Brown – Community Liaison Manager

Sue Daish

Annabel Inbal Elad

The board was devastated to hear of the sudden loss of Director Graham Crame, RIP, a great friend and veteran of many humanitarian aid convoys for Hope and Aid Direct. His compassionate and mindful legacy will continue to guide our work in building the Kindertransport Memorial in Harwich, his beloved home town, and the development and implementation of the educational programme.

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